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Having a large picture window, patio doors or sliding glass doors is a blessing. They’re often commissioned in buildings for easy access to the outdoors and allow for instant fresh, natural air. You get great views, amazing light, but they’re also challenging window treatments. Ideally, vertical blinds are a classic window treatment for sliding glass doors. From patios, to bedroom balconies and more, they’re a prime choice for doors of any height. For the custom-made vertical or timber blinds Perth homes and businesses love, get your blinds from Hanbo Blinds at great prices.

Vertical blinds are well proportioned to dress your sliding glass doors, patio doors or large picture windows, while allowing the illusion for a larger space. Hanbo Blinds offers a large selection of premium quality materials and styles for your custom-sized vertical blinds. This includes fabrics, vinyl, genuine wood and aluminium finishes in a variety of models, colours, textures and patterns to enhance any home or office décor.

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Customising Your Perth Vertical Blinds With Hanbo Blinds

Generally the go-to window covering for large glass expanses, they’re the optimal choice for patio and sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are also among the simplest window treatments to clean. While they made their peak appearance in the 80s and 90s, they continue to remain on trend because they’re so versatile. High-quality vertical blinds such as Hanbo Blinds can last up to 20 years. Our blinds’ durability are among the main reasons why Perth continues to rely on us for window dressings.

You can choose how to stack your vertical blinds, to the left, right or parting down the middle. This placement allows you to customise your vertical blinds while keeping your outside view. Flowing from side to side, the long slats of your vertical blinds will add spaciousness and the illusion of height, allowing more light to filter in when open or closed as compared to horizontal blinds. Although they can be used on smaller windows too, vertical blinds are best for larger picture windows and sliding doors. They stack to the side when open to create a completely exposed window for light to come in and allow an unobstructed view.

Excellent Light, Heat & Privacy Control With Vertical Blinds

When installed within the window blind, vertical blinds prevent the hotter or cooler air against the window from circulating into the room. This insulating quality varies depending on the materials you choose for your vertical blinds. Continuing with the theme of uncovered sliding glass doors, these two options allow you to have privacy and light control without screens. From durable PVC material, fabric, vinyl, aluminium or wood, vertical blinds can withstand everyday wear and tear along with frequent use. You can opt for fabric blinds for a smoother touch, or wood for more substance and unique texturing. Our blackout vertical blinds are also extremely popular for bedrooms. They guarantee total privacy thanks to the thick lining.

In general, vertical blinds will prevent harmful exposure to UV rays from sunlight, allowing you to block their glare that can be damaging for you and your furniture. But they still enable some natural light for a soft glowing ambience, offering you both privacy and diffused light through your bare sliding doors. They can help maintain the quality of your sleep at night as they also prevent nighttime artificial street lights from coming through. With simple and easy-to-use mechanisms, you’ll have seamless movement that helps you control light and privacy.

With vinyl and fabric you’ll have your pick of different colours and weaves for thickness and texture. Your vertical blinds are hung from a heavy-duty headrail system that keeps them permanently aligned to your window. Not only are they extremely durable and well suited for large sliding doors and windows, they’re also very attractive for contemporary homes. Vinyl vertical blinds can especially help with added sunlight and strong heat protection from Perth’s climate.

Hanbo Blinds will create custom-sized vertical blinds for your windows and sliding doors that are child-safe and made with long-lasting construction. Perfect for family-friendly homes, our blinds have multiple operating systems such as chain control, tilt, and right/left/split draws as well as cordless options available. To discuss your home needs and for a free quote on your vertical blinds, call 08 9258 8782 or email our team at

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When you want beautiful high quality vertical blinds that will last you decades, there’s no better place to purchase them than from Hanbo Blinds. Known for providing the best priced locally manufactured custom-sized vertical blinds Perth has, you’ll get durability and style. Our vertical blinds are made to fit your exact use so you can furnish your home affordably with Hanbo Blinds’ products tailored specifically to your rooms. Get your free quote and measure by filling our form below or contact our team today. For premium custom-sized vertical blinds at great competitive prices, customise your order with Hanbo Blinds now.

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