Timber Blinds Perth

Wood is such an incredible, smooth finish for window treatments. When you want maximum insulation and a classy yet authentically rustic look, choose affordable timber blinds Perth homes and businesses love from Hanbo Blinds. Timber blinds are made from natural, composite or faux wood. Their highly opaque nature makes them the most effective heat and light blocking material. Perfect for privacy and greater light and temperature control, timber blinds won’t only give you extra protection during Perth winters, but also keep the summer glare out flawlessly.

They’re also a tough, sturdy material that’s easier to handle when caring for them as they won’t bend as easily as traditional venetian blinds from PVC or aluminium. Wiping them with a dry cloth will often do so they’re perfect for busy homes. Hanbo Blind’s made-to-measure timber blinds are handcrafted locally in Perth and come with privacy slats and fine ladder cords. They’ll offer you a clear view, contemporary styling and guaranteed privacy for your home or business. Get your free quote for your custom-made timber or roman blinds with us today.

Beautiful Functionality With Timber Blinds Perth Homes Love

Timber blinds don’t only give you the warm appearance of wood but practical functionality. Wood is a natural insulator, blocking UV rays and solar heat. They’ll provide heavy protection from external weather conditions, keeping you cool in summers, and warm and cozy through winters. Timber blinds are a great choice to reduce energy consumption and keep your bills low. In comparison to more porous fabric vision blinds that gather dirt easily hence requiring deep cleaning, grime and dust won’t soil your timber blinds and can be easily removed from its surface. Your timber blinds will look good and be easy to maintain.

They’re also a much stronger material, so they’ll last longer in comparison to fabric blinds. While they may be a bit more expensive, they’re also more durable so timber blinds are very cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, they’re perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Vanes in painted, rustic or stained finishes tailored to your home’s theme will surely add value and character to your space. Combining both blackout and light-filtering qualities, timber blinds offer better, more flexible light blocking and control as well as total privacy. With great looks and functionality, it’s no wonder timber blinds are an ideal choice for any home or office. Get your free quote for your timber blinds by calling 08 9258 8782 or email our team today at [email protected].

Timber Blinds Perth

Our outdoor blinds are the perfect way to keep your outdoor space comfortable and protected from the sun and weather. Hanbo Blinds offers a wide range of outdoor blinds in Perth, WA, to suit any home or office. Our outdoor blinds are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles, including roller blinds!

Considerations When Choosing Timber Blinds For Your Home

Wonder why timber blinds are so great at insulating your rooms? It’s because of their density, which means they weigh heavier than other counterparts for blinds. This means you’ll require a more resilient and secure mounting mechanism to hold up timber blinds. They’re perfect for large windows but aren’t the most practical for angled ones or skylights gave their installation and weight. Skylines and angled windows for one receive more sunlight, and will accumulate heat gain to raise indoor temperatures.

In choosing your double roller blinds or timber blinds it’s important to take into account the room function and your local climate. For example, natural wood may not be best for high humidity areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry with their low susceptibility to moisture and humidity. Long-term exposure to humidity and pollutants causes real wood to warp or fade. But composite wood (natural wood layered with a synthetic coating to finish) or faux wood are great for a wood-like appearance and high moisture resistance. They won’t crack, chip, peel or yellow over time as they’re built durably for heated and moist conditions with UVA inhibitors. They also can be hosed down for a deep clean.

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Perth timber blinds

Order Highly Customisable Timber Blinds With Hanbo Blinds

We all want a timeless and authentic appeal for our home, and there’s no better way to style your space than with timber blinds. Its rich and warm texture isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but the organic, opaque material enhances insulation while providing decorative valances with depth, creating a luxurious feel. Whatever the season, timber blinds are a great window covering solution that continues to look fashionable and expensive for years to come. They’re versatile, blending in equally with any style whether it’s vintage, contemporary or rustic.

At Hanbo DIY Blinds you can choose from different types of timber for your timber blinds. You can play around with different widths for slats, colours and grainy textures for a unique finish. The beauty of timber blinds is that you can incorporate interesting designs and architectural perspectives. Hanbo Blinds will offer great customizability with your timber blinds, modifying them per your taste and custom-size them to fit your exact use. With Hanbo Zebra Blinds’ wide range of colours, stains, finishes and textures in natural, composite and faux wood, you’ll have elegant, mesmerising timber blinds that will accentuate the interiors of your home.

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Get your free quote by calling our team today and discuss your customisable timber blinds. We’ll work through measurements for your timber blinds to suit your tastes and space needs. When you want durable long-lasting timber blinds with practical functionality and aesthetics, look no further than Hanbo Blinds Perth. We’re known for providing Perth premium quality timber blinds at affordable prices so you can furnish your entire home comfortably without worrying about your budget. Fill in our contact form below or call our line to get in touch.

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