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Here at Hanbo Blinds, we create custom-sized premium quality curtains Perth homeowners and businesses love. When it comes to long-lasting durability, our hard wearing stain resistant fabrics are second to none and offer an array of options for various tastes. Whether you’re furnishing a heritage dwelling or a modern contemporary home, or the beautiful reception or entertainment area of a commercial space, Hanbo Blinds can offer affordable, stylish solutions for your window furnishings with lasting construction.

Our curtains are made to order, custom-sized and tailored specifically for your precise use. With a variety of styles and materials, you can choose luxurious roman curtains, stylish sheer curtains, blackout curtains, panel curtains and more. Receive a personalised service when you get your free quote for your home or commercial space. Customise your curtains with our staff at Hanbo Blinds today.

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Pick High-Quality Curtains Perth Homes & Businesses Rely On

Before you settle with run-of-the-mill quality from disposable curtains flooding the market, stop and survey your options. You can’t purchase curtains that won’t withstand wear and tear or frequent use, otherwise you won’t be getting your money’s worth. With Hanbo Blinds, you’re paying for value. Our curtains are not only lovingly handcrafted and locally manufactured, they’re tested for quality assurance so they’ll last you for decades. With our competitive offers, you can easily furnish all your windows with our high-quality curtains without worrying about your budget. No matter the size, height or location, you can customise your curtains design to suit your use. From fabrics tailored for total blackout properties, to partial light filtering, heat insulation and soundproofing, you can find the perfect curtain that will meet your privacy, temperature and lighting needs. Call us at 08 9258 8782 or email our team at [email protected] for your free quote.

Considerations In Buying Curtains For Your Perth Home Or Business

When it comes to curtains Perth Sheer homes and businesses can enjoy for years, the perfect customisation is key. This means adjusting for your weather conditions and your personal needs. Lightweight sheer fabrics for instance allow for breathability. Air movements are allowed while providing partial shade. It’s a lovely compromise to maintain your view while shielding you from the sun’s glare, regulating heat and offering relative privacy. They’re wonderful options for larger windows in living areas and alfresco sections, and look beautiful in the height of patios and sliding glass doors. Meanwhile, heavier, lined curtains are preferred for areas where you need more privacy. They’re a popular style for bedrooms as they’ll minimise any light leaks and improve sleep quality. From blocking out nighttime artificial lights to extending your hours into daytime, they’re convenient for their effective lightblocking qualities. This isn’t to say you can’t use light linen curtains in bedrooms, just bear in mind lighter curtains may work best when you also invest in a blind to hang together underneath.

Curtains are vital in keeping dust from getting into your rooms. When your windows or doors are kept open, dust particles will enter your home and curtains serve as a barrier which gather them. Washing curtains regularly with the proper care instruction for your fabric will not only restore their colouring but help maintain the hygiene of your home.

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Hanbo Blinds Premium Quality Curtains Perth Homeowners Love

You can style and personalise your curtains to achieve your desired look and ambience. As a movable screen or drape, curtains are not only highly functional in shielding your space from dust, heat, light and prying eyes—they’re beautiful decorative fabrics that will add value and character to your home. Controlling the passage of light and preventing drafts from door or window openings, your curtain material can be styled and arranged to fall straight in ornamental folds called draperies.

The perfect way to add glamour to your interior décor, draperies can give you the privacy you need and make a house more energy efficient with their insulation. When it comes to material, linen, silk, faux silk and velvet are popular choices for window treatments since they tend to hang best. Faux silk curtains, for example, are particularly durable. In extremely sunny rooms they also deteriorate much slower when compared to real silk.

Get Your Quote And Measure For Your Hanbo Blinds Curtains

Hanbo Blinds can provide you a free quote for your curtains. Custom-made with sustainable materials, you’ll get long-lasting quality and great aesthetic from our range of curtains. We’ll discuss your measurements so we can tailor your curtain dimensions to fit your precise use and advise you on the best option to meet the needs of your space. You won’t find a better offer on premium quality custom-designed curtains than ours. With Hanbo Blinds you can expect durable, stylish curtains at great affordable prices. Fill in our contact form below or call us to get in touch for competitive offers on Pelmet Perth’s best curtains today.

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