Vision Blinds Perth

Hanbo Blinds is renowned for our Zebra vision blinds. Also known as Lumen blinds, horizontal blinds, day & night blinds or twist blinds, vision blinds are the perfect modern alternative to double roller blinds. Vision blinds consist of two layers of opaque and translucent woven strips that move independently, sliding past one another to create different levels of light blocking to following the sun throughout various points of the day. Hanbo Blinds’ Zebra vision blinds combine the convenience of standard rollers and the privacy of curtains. You can easily control the amount of light entering the room by changing the alignment of the two layers of fabric. For excellent workmanship and durability at affordable prices, get the vision blinds Perth homes and businesses love from Hanbo Panel Blinds. You can get your free quote for your exact use by contacting our team today.

Vision Blinds Perth

Hanbo Blinds’ Signature Zebra Vision Blinds Perth Homes Love

Our Zebra vision blinds are locally manufactured in Perth with sustainable materials sourced from Korea. It’s our signature as Perth’s leading blinds manufacturer. We offer premium quality custom-designed window blinds at cost-friendly prices to easily outfit your home or office entirely with us. We take great care in rigorous testing and quality assurance, so you’ll receive a unique product each time and have vision blinds that last you years and years.

I look forward to your space’s makeover because Zebra blinds are our specialty. With our Zebra vision blinds installed in your Perth home, you’ll have both sheer and light filtering fabrics in the same shade, creating a Zebra-like illusion. You can align the front and back segments when raised while partially allowing for light to enter. Meanwhile, the sheer vanes will provide you with an incredible view of the outdoors in the daytime. Made from hard-wearing, stain-resistant fabrics with various colours available, you can be sure to enhance the décor of your home effortlessly.

Discuss the needs of your home or office with us and get a free quote on your vertical blinds. Call 08 9258 8782 or email us at [email protected].

Have Practical Functionality With Our Zebra Vision Blinds

You can close your vision blinds or double roller blinds to shield your home, furniture and family from harmful UV rays and intense glare from the sun. Alternatively, Zebra vision blinds can give you complete privacy, making them well suited for private lounge areas, meeting rooms and bedrooms. With both sheer light filtering and room-darkening fabrics, your light control is easily adjustable any time of day to suit your needs. You can alternate between the dual-layered sheer fabrics for a darkening or filtering effect, letting natural light in conveniently when you need it. Zebra vision blinds are not only easy to clean and maintain, their overall design is also clean and uncluttered, perfect for accenting contemporary homes with a pop of colour while remaining minimalistic.

If you’re looking for blinds in Wanneroo, Hanbo Blinds is a perfect choice. We offer a wide range of blinds to suit all budgets and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect option for your home. Our blinds are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last, so you can be sure you’re making a great investment when you choose Hanbo Zebra Blinds. We offer a free measure and quote service, so contact us today to book an appointment. We’ll come to your home, take measurements and help you choose the perfect blinds for your needs.

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Get Your Free Quote For Your Zebra Vision Blinds

Hanbo Blinds can give you the privacy you need while maintaining the modern look of your Perth home with our Zebra vision blinds. Custom-made to fit perfectly inside mounted windows, our Zebra vision blinds are made to order for your exact use. Tailored to your measurements, material and design, you won’t find a more personalised or cost-effective choice for your window furnishings than Hanbo Blinds. A stunning alternative to the classic Venetian or roller blind, our Zebra vision blinds are the ideal solution for a balance of privacy and light control complete with bold stripes and colour blocking that’s pleasing to the eye. Enjoy Hanbo Blinds Perth‘s long-lasting premium quality at Australian-wide best price guarantee. Speak to our professional team today to get your free quote for your vision blinds.

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