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With Hanbo Blinds, you’ll find great variety in colours and designs for roman blinds. A versatile window blind, from total blockout to light filtering fabrics, there’s no limit with what you can do. Easily installed, they’re a sleek, yet practical way to decorate your windows. Roman blinds provide a clean-cut modern finish and are raised fold by fold, creating a soft layered look. This style of blind is perfect for mounting above doors or large window expanses. When raised, Roman blinds gather into a neat, pleated stack and frame the window. Buy from Hanbo Vision Blinds for the premium quality roman blinds Perth homes and commercial spaces rely on.

roman blinds perth

Why Install Hanbo Blinds’ Roman Blinds Perth Products

Hanbo Zebra Blinds’ products are made from sustainably sourced materials and are locally manufactured. Our Perth roman blinds are perfect for various spaces, creating crisp, clean lines and a splash of colour. Their folds blend seamlessly with traditional décor, helping soften and accent otherwise hard-edged modern interiors. With lavish, draped folds, they’re perfect for ornate, heritage dwellings and simple homes that would like a touch of luxury.

Hanbo Blinds’ roman blinds are interlined, which means they are great insulators. They can be lifted above the window to allow natural light and they’re neat when raised, acting as a pelmet to conceal your fittings. The interlining adds an unseen layer of wadded fabric sewn between the cloth and the lining. It provides insulation and protects against UV deterioration. It also adds body to your roman blinds, creating a thicker, more luxurious appearance.

It’s the real advantage compared to curtains. The lining and interlining in roman blinds not only gives them lots of body, but can make them appear uncluttered when raised. With curtains the gathers give the effect of fullness but will remain swoopy when folded, while roman blinds can be stacked neatly. They’re also cheaper than curtains because the fabric used to create roman blinds are effectively modeled after your exact dimensions. Without the excess, manufacturing them is also quicker and easier given their angular design.

For the best price offer, get your Perth roman blinds or venetian blinds with Hanbo Blinds today. Call us at 08 9258 8782 or email our team at [email protected] for your free quote.

Decorating Your Perth Home In Hanbo’s Beautiful Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a great way to introduce colour and patterns for a touch of glamour to an otherwise bare space. Lightweight taffeta or faux silks are ideal to create crisp looking folds, showing off the smooth, lustrous sheen of the fabric. More textured, medium-weight cotton, polyester/cotton blends, damasks, blended linen and jacquards are also popular choices for a beautiful, homely atmosphere. The combination of soft fabric panels with a simple, streamlined operating system complements contemporary homes and offers multipurpose functionality.

DIY blinds and Roman blinds are a unique options that when lowered, create a warm and inviting ambience while gathering to build lovely volume when raised. They’re a versatile installation that can be altered to look casual or formal based on the look you want to achieve. When you buy your roman blinds from Hanbo Blinds you’re paying for value. Lovingly handcrafted and custom-sized for your exact window dimensions, we can customise the perfect panel blinds and roman blinds for your window coverings at affordable prices.

The ideal choice for homeowners who rarely redecorate, roman blinds add an element of luxury and timelessness to their rooms. Discuss your order with Hanbo Blinds’ team today. Contact us now to get your free quote to fit your precise use.

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Hanbo Blinds’ Premium Quality Roman Blinds At Great Prices

Made with thick fabric to offer better privacy, roman blinds serve as a shield against sunlight. They’re a popular style for homeowners because of their attractive designs and symmetric look, which gives the room great character. When you want cost-friendly premium quality roman blinds to decorate your Perth home, there’s no better provider for your product than Hanbo Blinds Perth. We offer custom-sized, sustainably designed roman blinds at competitive prices. Discuss your needs with Hanbo Blinds for roman blinds to best furnish your space. Get your free quote with us for the best price guarantee today.

Looking for blinds in Floreat? Hanbo Blinds has a great range of blinds to choose from, all at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for roller blinds, Venetian blinds or any other type of blind, we’re sure to have what you need. Plus, we offer a free quote service!

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