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Whether you’re blessed to have plenty of space for an alfresco or patio area, or you’re a proud cafe owner, coaxing family, friends and/or customers into the outdoors during unfriendly weather is hard. But it’s exactly why outdoor blinds exist. While they’re not 100% waterproof unless custom ordered to be, they are very much water-resistant and depending on the quality and weave of the fabric they can either offer partial or total privacy. They keep insects, the elements and humidity out while regulating temperature, keeping heat in during winters and keeping it out in hot summers. For the outdoor blinds Perth homes and businesses rely on for external weather protection, choose high-quality premium outdoor blinds from Hanbo Blinds.

outdoor blinds Perth

Beat Harsh Australian Climate With Outdoor Blinds Perth

We all want to enjoy the outdoors in our homes and favourite places. Whether you’ve got a backyard with an awning, a small restaurant with a beautiful but underutilised alfresco dining section, or a public office facility with outdoor lounge areas, these spaces shouldn’t waste. You can have a great time in these outdoor areas regardless of the scorching heat in summer or rainfall in winter while remaining unexposed to these elements. Hanbo Blinds’ outdoor blinds are perfect for installing in residential and commercial outdoor areas, helping you maximise your space use. To get your free quote for your outdoor and DIY blinds, call 08 9258 8782 or email our team at [email protected].

Hanbo Blinds’ Affordable High-Quality Insulating Outdoor Blinds

Hanbo Blinds offers a wide range of state-of-the-art outdoor blinds that protect from the elements all year round, specifically designed and custom-sized to suit your home or business. You can turn your outdoor area into an extension of your home or establishment by giving you the freedom to enjoy fresh air in comfort and style.

It gives you protection through insulation and privacy, but it can also preserve your view while protecting you from sun glare, wind and rain. With a range of colours and premium, stain-resistant hard-wearing fabrics, you won’t be disturbed by lack of shade or blowing winds. More opaque double roller blinds allow further UV protection, and our gear rolling mechanism helps keep the blind taut and neat.

outdoor blinds

Why Buy Our Outdoor Blinds For Your Perth Home Or Business

With outdoor panel blinds installed, you’ll have all the benefits of comfortable outdoor living. You can create a welcoming alfresco area with plenty of shade. Our outdoor blinds also ensure superior weather protection all year round and can be adjusted seamlessly. With sturdy and mobile working operations, you will have durable outdoor blinds that are well suited for cafe blinds or patio blinds. That home barbeque you never use because it’s too cold in the fall? Well, Hanbo Blinds’ zebra blinds and outdoor blinds will keep the heat in and the rain out for you. You can also make sure there are no prying eyes from your neighbours. Our custom-designed, Australian manufactured outdoor blinds offer shade and protection from the weather and give you a higher level of privacy when entertaining outdoors.

In addition, Hanbo Blinds Perth is your local aluminium blind specialist. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect aluminium blind solution for your home or office. Our aluminium blinds are made from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of colours

Considerations In Choosing The Perfect Outdoor Blinds

In buying a new set of outdoor blinds, it’s important to consider your needs and space. At Hanbo Blinds you can speak with a trained professional and book a free quote! We can discuss measurements for an exact fit of your dwelling and advise you on the perfect type and material to suit your use. When purchasing commercial or residential outdoor blinds for your outdoor area, you can consider the following things:

Purpose To Determine Construction

Your answer to this question will narrow down your outdoor blinds options. Do you mean to protect your outdoor furniture from rain and extreme sunlight? Do you wish to use your outdoor area as another family living space? Or is it that you want more privacy in your backyard? Or perhaps you have west-facing windows that are burning in the hot morning and afternoon sun? Outdoor blinds and timber blinds can significantly reduce the direct sun your interior spaces get, lessening direct UV rays up to 80-90%. They’re also functional in making your home more energy-efficient. You can reduce your energy consumption by having regulated heating and cooling i.e. lessening your air-conditioning system’s active hours.

Your Local Climate

You know your Perth area best. Rather than choosing just one option, you can find a combined outdoor blind solution that will cater to all seasons with retractable or demountable features. For instance, you can optimise your outdoor vertical blinds to stop the heat exchange between indoor and outdoor spaces. It means they’ll separate the hot air behind the window covering and preserve the cooler air-conditioned air of your room. Think about the impact weather conditions have on your outdoor space if you use it all year long. In the summers, you’ll need protection from the sun’s harsh rays and glare and shelter from the wind and rain in cooler months.

The Ease Of Operation

Consider the structure and operation system. You can choose to manually wind up your blinds to raise it up or down with pulleys/ropes/cords, control it via remote or use a smartphone app with voice control. Think about whether you’ll benefit more from permanent or retractable outdoor blinds and roman blinds and the ease of each of their operations. Luckily most patio and alfresco outdoor blinds can be motorised, meaning they can conveniently extend and retract at the press of a button.

Material, Fabric and Colour

Consider your material, fabric and colour. PVC materials will give you protection from wind and rain while maintaining your view of the backyard and allowing natural light to enter your outdoor space. But the downside is closing your PVC blinds on a warm but windy summer day may make your outdoor entertainment area overheated. An alternative that will provide a good compromise is mesh blinds. Mesh is a versatile fabric that’s available in different grades. They can block out the sun in the summer and keep out cold winds and rain in winter months. Canvas is another option that offers high UV protection and durability, a lot like acrylic fabrics. Using neutral colours like cream, beige, and white is perfect to pair with colourful walls or bright furniture. Neutrals can go with any theme in your outdoor area. Whites also reflect heat and black reduces light internally. See-through fabrics for alfresco blinds will filter natural light, allowing them in and permit air movement. It’s clean and sleek while offering superior protection against the elements.

Get The Best Price Offer For Outdoor Blinds At Hanbo Blinds

Purchasing outdoor blinds or panel blinds should be a one-time investment with long-lasting benefits. Here at Hanbo Blinds in Perth, we create the best outdoor blinds you can buy for the lowest prices. Custom-made and sized, we offer long-lasting construction and multipurpose functionality. For guaranteed best prices, contact us on our line or fill in our form today to get your free quote.

If you’re looking for blinds in Brabham Perth, Hanbo Blinds is the place to go. We offer a wide range of blinds, from Roller blinds to Venetian blinds, and we can customise them to suit your needs. We also have a huge range of colours and designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect blinds for your home.

We’re passionate about providing quality blinds at an affordable price, and we offer a free quote service so you can get the perfect blinds for your home. Contact us today to book a free consultation.

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