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Installing custom-made curtains in your home is fun and exciting. It adds beauty and elegance to a room and allows you to express your unique style. Curtain pelmets not only look traditional and expensive, but fulfill a purpose your blinds and wall hangings have yet to complete. They are narrow pieces of wood or cloth retrofitted and designed to hide curtain fittings on your window, and complement custom window treatments incredibly. For the rich, sturdy curtain pelmet Perth homes style their windows with, get your quote and measure for Hanbo Blinds’ high-quality custom-made curtain pelmets or sheer curtains.

curtain pelmet perth

Beautiful Custom Curtain Pelmet Perth Homes Love

Curtain pelmets are not only for hotels or large commercial spaces. They can be customised for a conservative and sleek look in more intimate modern contemporary homes. Designed with patterns and decorative tassels will allow for a more romantic feel, while bold painted or stained wood pelmets can give you a cleaner, elegant streamlined look. Curtain pelmets help your curtains look neat and organised, hiding away unwanted rods, hooks and the mounting mechanism. With Hanbo Blinds, you can order curtain pelmets from different materials to suit your individual style preferences and your home interior. To create your desired effect you can choose from various fabric and/or wood colours, patterns, textures to perfectly complement your custom blinds and curtains. Get a free quote and measure on your curtain pelmets with Hanbo Blinds by calling 08 9258 8782 or email us at [email protected]. Personalise your order with us today.

Practical Functionality With Curtain Pelmets In Perth Homes

While we normally see pelmets in larger corporate and retail spaces, they’re also increasingly common in homes because of their practical functionality. It’s widely known pelmets are decorative additions for a more finished look, but in reality they’re extremely useful in regulating ventilation. Curtain pelmets trap unwanted heat from seeping into your homes. They block out heat from entering during summers and the cold chill from getting through in the winter. For example, heavier fabrics and multiple layers of fabric give the best thermal protection.

Curtain pelmets are also an economical solution for additional UV protection. They help minimise damage from the sun’s glare to your flooring and furniture. Curtain pelmets provide light blocking, heavy insulation and facilitate a more comfortable resting or working area. Whether it’s room darkening or privacy, curtain pelmets paired with blockout curtains or blinds will give you maximum coverage to ward off light and prying eyes.

hanbo curtain pelmet perth

Get Your Curtain Pelmets’ Free Quote And Measure Today

With Hanbo Blinds, you can get your free quote and measure for your curtain pelmet today. We not only create custom-designed, made-to-measure pelmets that will fit your precise use, but provide Perth curtain pelmets with long-lasting construction at affordable prices. You won’t find a more competitive offer for premium quality custom-made pelmets than Hanbo Blinds’. For a best price guarantee, customise your curtain pelmets by filling in our form below or contact our dedicated team to get in touch.

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